Elvis - Madison Square Garden

Elvis - Madison Square Garden

Address: God and Country Theatre, Branson, 1840 W 76 Country Blvd, 65616
Contact Phone: 417-334-6806
Time: 110 min.
Aug. 16 - special performance of Elvis' last concert to commemorate his passing on this date.

Incredible Elvis Show!
Bringing his amazing Elvis Presley tribute act to Branson visitors, Jerry Presley will perform his famous show in a never-before-seen production that is sure to be a top choice among Elvis fans!

Elvis’ Music With a Distinct Style!
While he shares the music, songs, and mimics some traits of the late, great entertainer – Jerry has developed a performance style that is unique to him and one that has become instantly recognizable.

Not simply imitating or impersonating, he takes the works of the legendary icon and performs them in a style all his own. While they share many similarities in their look and sound, Jerry has developed a persona of his own, using his amazing talent to bring to life the music and songs of Elvis Presley.

Whether he’s delivering the songs and performances from Elvis’ Hawaii tours or taking you back to his earliest days when he was just starting to make a name for himself, you will hear music and songs that spanned his entire career!

All-New LIVE Stage Show!
While widely considered to be one of the top Elvis tribute artists in the country, Jerry Presley is considered by many venues in which he has performed to be one of the top acts they have hosted!

Sitting alongside the famous Highway 76, it’s a show that you will definitely want to include in your next Branson itinerary.

2 Different Shows Playing!
Varying by day and time of year, Jerry offers 2 distinct Elvis performances – both of which are sure to entertain!

Aloha from Hawaii
Recreating Elvis’ famous 1973 concert “Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite,” this show shares some of Presley’s biggest hits performed in matching costumes and themes.

Madison Square Garden
Recreating the sold-out concert Elvis gave a Madison Square Garden, it’s a high-energy show that includes some of his most popular songs and music!


God and Country Theatre is located next to Applebees at 1840 W Hwy 76 in Branson, MO 65616.